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So you like what I do, but what you’ve seen has been sold or may not be the right size or colour scheme. Perhaps you’d like a mural instead of a painting. If this is the case, a commission by yours truly could be the solution.


1. How to get started 

It’s simple. Just shoot me an email and say ‘Hey, I’d like to inquire about commissioning an artwork.’ It’s best if you leave your phone number so I can give you a call back. A call is a quick and efficient way of finding out what you’re after and ensuring everyone is on the same page. 


2. Brief

The next stage involves you filling in a questionnaire to determine the specific details of the commissioned work, such as style, orientation, scale, framing, colour scheme and intended location (home, office, shop etc).  This will allow me to prepare a brief for the work which I will then provide to you for consideration and approval.


3. Quote

Once you have approved the brief, I’ll provide you with a quote and time-line for completion of the commissioned work.  The quote will include all costs involved in producing the work, including but not limited to, shipping, materials, framing etc. 


4. Process

Where possible (depending on the style of painting you want), I’ll produce a small rough to give you an indication of what the final painting will look like. This may be in the form of a rough digital painting, a paper cut collage or a small acrylic painting on canvas. If you’d like a sense of how the piece will look in-situ, I am able to mock this up for you. All I need is an image of the place you’d like the painting to hang and I’ll have it hung digitally in no time.

If, after reviewing the mock-ups you’re not happy with what you see or feel like the commissioning process isn’t working for you, just let me know. There’ll be no hard feelings and nothing to pay.  As they say, “art is in the eye of the beholder”, so from time to time this is to be expected.  If you own one of my paintings, I want you to love it and be able to enjoy it for a long time.


Paper cut collage


Digital painting


Small acrylic painting

5. Deposit

Once the Brief and Quote are approved and you wish to proceed, a payment of 30% of the total Quote (Deposit) is required before I commence work.  The Deposit covers some of the initial costs for the stretched canvas, paint, specialty brushes etc.


In-situ mock up

6. Painting

With the Deposit paid, I will now get the work underway. I am happy to send you updates as the work progresses. However, keep in mind that most abstract paintings don’t come together until the very end.


7. The big reveal

When I’m satisfied that the work is complete (and the painting gods have told me to put down my brushes) you can come to the studio to view the final work or I can send you a hi-res image of the work for your approval. This is your last chance to let me know of any final tweaks you feel are required and for me to talk you out of them. Only kidding – I’m more than happy to alter the work. However, hopefully I have done my job and you’ll be in love with the work as presented.


7. One last step

I know you want to take it home, hang it on the wall and let everyone know you have an original commissioned work by moi, but first it needs to be varnished and framed. 


8. Till death do you part

When the work has been returned to me varnished and framed, I’ll issue you with a tax invoice for the remaining 75% of the total Quote.  Once you’ve paid this, the painting will be sent straight to you to hang and love until your dying day. 


Who knows, there may come a time when the work is sold for millions as part of your estate.  You’ll be toasted by your beneficiaries, with everyone raising their glass and saying “Here’s to old so and so, they sure knew their art!”

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